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In 2006, we founded GreatDogSite.com out of a pure love for dogs. Since then, we have done some very extensive research and written detailed tutorials for over 350 pure breeds and another 400 on hybrids. It is our goal to educate as many potential dog owners as we can get our pages in front of. Like people, dogs personalities vary greatly and sometimes it’s nice to know what you might be getting yourself into.

We allow any of our users to add information to our pages in case we might have missed something during our initial description write ups. Of course, we hand edit this information and check for other reliable sources to validate all entries. We also encourage our users to ask any breed specific questions they may have so they can be answered by others who have owned the breed. This can be done on each breeds description page. We’ve found that the best answers come from breeders. They love to answer questions and can be very insightful.

We are constantly improving the site. If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact us via our Contact Form or send us a good old fashioned hand written letter. Thank you for using our site and we hope you learn something new during your visit.

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