I have a 12 year old Standard Poodle Person. He has had many health issues. He is extreamly UNDER weight. Loss of muscle mass in one back leg. Happy active, but his latest yearly check up has come back that he has an UNDER active thyroid. I am in shock - if he has to go on thyroid meds I worry he will fade away. Please can anyone help. I have spent thousands of dollars in vet fees, not that it matters. Just as many hours on the net looking for help. Talked with his breeder. etc. etc. Thank you Carole for Prince

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My Standard Poodle , Luke has been on thyroid meds for three years. He is 13 now . Please try not to worry too much . Under active thyroids are not uncommon in the Poodles. One of the side effects of the thyriod medication is weight gain so you will need to control his diet and keep him active. I think if you use the medication with the right diet and exercise your Poodle may have similar results as mine.

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