I have 2male English bulldogs, age 6 and 2. They always got along and played together. We kept my son's female bully for 3 months and she and my youngest played together and were mean to my oldest bully. I thought everything would change when the female went home, but my youngest bully is still very aggressive toward my older one. They often get into fights and the younger one follows the older one around to keep him from getting close to us. Is this normal and is there ANYTHING I can do to help them be friends again. And, what should I do when they get into fights. Thanks for any suggestions. My sweet baby has turned into a real bully!

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I, too, have an agressive bulldog (female). She played well with our other older dog until she was about 6 months old. Then the battles began. We have just done our best over the last 5 years to keep them separated. No amount of scolding or punishment has worked with either one of them. The other dog (my daughter's) is part Corgi and part Rotweiller. Medium sized dog that can certainly hold her own. It's not pretty when they fight. I got my bully from a reputable breeder when she was just a pup. Love her dearly. GREAT dog except for the aggression toward the other dogs. My guess is that she KNOWS she is Mama's dog and feels she rules the roost because of that.

They are trying to decide who is in charge, the Alpha, it should be you, try a muzzle or timeout spot to encourage proper behaviour. You are the mom, so be mom.

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