Can some one help me with what I should do about my Bulldogs odor? I can't get rid of it! I give her the best food.

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i would recommend a waterless shampoo, u can get it at any petshop or at a pharmacy and on petmeds. dont bath her to much because it can dry out her skin and cause hot spots. and loss of fur. we feed out bulldog pedigree and bath him about 2 times a month and wash him with johnsons baby shampoo with lotion. and in then in a few weeks we will spray a waterless shampoo on him to take the odor away.

Also, make sure you clean the folds in their skin (wrinkles) frequently, everyday if possible. Odor-causing bacteria build up quickly in these folds, and cleaning them often, with a balanced diet and regular baths will eliminate most odors.

I had the same problem with mine years ago and then I discovered Malaseb Shampoo (which is not sold anymore but your vet will have an equivalent-it is an anti-fungal/anti bacterial shampoo-they also sell something similar at PetSmart-the vet department, you have to ask for it). The stuff should be called "stink be gone", it worked/works wonders. As someone else has already told you-clean the skin folds daily, clean the ears regularly too as well as the tail pocket. These dogs get yeast problems very easily.

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