My boyfriend bought me a English bulldog puppy for my 51 birthday. I was wondering how do I tell if he got what he paid for. Rocky is now 10 weeks old and has very long legs and no winkles. I thin he looks like a American Bulldog .Can someone please help me? It wont matter what kind of dog he is..I love him anyways.Thank you.

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The American Bulldog will be as big as a Rottweiler or bigger, and weigh over a hundred lbs. English will be a foot tall and weigh around fifty lbs. full grown.

Americans are the Largest of the Breed! Their heads bodies! The grow to be HUGE! Englisg are stocky and muscular!

he will probably develop his wrinkles around 12 or 13 weeks old if not then he is a American bulldog!!!!

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