Do Beagles get some kind of skin disorder

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I suppose they can. We adopted our beagle from a neighbor and he was constantly itchy. It turned out that his previous owner objected to the natural odour that beagles develop and gave him baths excessively. He needs the natural oils in his fur for water-proofing and should only be given a bath with soap when absolutely necessary, like every few months or when he finds something especially smelly to roll in.

My Beagle Clyde ( 100% pure 7 years old) developed itching and licking of his toes. They smelled slightly yeasty. It was determined he cannot eat dog food with grain, since moving him to rice and lamb or other non-grain dry foods the itching constant licking and chewing on his feet have completely stopped. I also agree, Bathing is a very special occasion thing, as they do have sensitive skin that dries out when soap is used. Also, I have noticed both Bonney (my Jack-A-Bee) and Clyde will use scratching to get your attention to wake you when they want to go outside.

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