Do they bark alot?

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My Aussie barks little during play especially when he is excited. During walks he does bark at passersby and other dogs out of excitement and sometimes it is hard to "snap" him out of it. Other than that he is a great dog!

Aussies themselves do bark due to here herding instinct, I find a moderate level of barking while at play or alerted to a passer by.

Our Aussiedoodle does tend to bark alot. We live on a busy road, and he alerts us by barking when people are walking by. He also barks and dislikes fast, loud moving things; motorcycles; semi-trucks. Because we want to be alerted, we allow him to bark, then after a few barks, we tell him quiet. When he obeys, we tell him good-boy and give him a treat. It works!

My Aussie almost never barks. Not a good watch dog.

Yes..ours does. They're adorable, sweet and loving dogs, but they tend to be easily excited with people and other animals. Barking iexcessively when excited is part of our issues with our guy. Tried many training techniques, and so far, no luck in stopping it. Mine is over the top, and yet we walk him off leash an hour a day where he's able to romp and run all over.

No, at least our 9 month old doesn't. I was beginning to wonder if he was capable of barking! But, with our older Dachshund he picked up barking, but, rarely, only when he is excited.

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