Has anyone ever seen a full blood 6 wk. old Great Dane puppy with hair that is about a 1/2 in. (maybe a tiny bit more) long and almost fluffy. I am suppose to be getting this puppy in about a wk. but I want the real deal. I have seen the so called parents, who are harlequin and black and white (great looking dogs) but only one looks like the Mom and the other 3 are tan with a little bit of black. and they all kinda have thick longer hair than what i have seen on Great Danes. Please answer quickly, time is of the essense.

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I have never seen a dane with fluffy hair...they are relatively smooth from all the puppies I have seen. And if it was a harlequin and black breeding then I would be surprised to see tan puppies in the mix. i would probably question if those are indeed purebred puppies.

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