How bad are they to shed.

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They dont seem to shed much at all. At least not as much as most dogs ive owned in the past.

i have one! they ONLY shed when they have lose hair and they rub on a surface

westies have hair not fur!

I brush my dogs and keep them well groomed. They may not shed, but when I brush them, a lot of hair does come off. Just keep them trimmed. They look cute that way and are much happier. NOTE: If you keep them groomed short, please don't leave them outside for long periods in direct sun as they will burn, and they can get skin cancer. They are meant to be outside to run off their energy but they are indoor dogs. I love Westies and will never again be without one.

Stripping my westie's coat seems to keep the shedding down. I strip his back every few months and know that it's time to do it again when I start to find stray hairs on my black work pants. But he is absolutely NO PROBLEM compared to our labrador.

They shed alot we have carpet every week if we didnt hoover it the ground will be covered in hairs its TERRIBLE

if you brush once a week no problem

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