How big do they get?

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15 to 20 pounds

I have been trying to find that out for a year. I have a Cavachon that is 18 months old. He is the best dog and is a great companion. He loves to socialize with all dogs and loves people as well. I did not purchase him from a breeder and was told that he would be 15-20 lbs. He is now 32 lbs and the vet feels that he could lose a few lbs. but he is also tall. I have never seen another Cavachon, so it is hard to compare what size he should be. Good luck and hopefully we will both get the answer.

My cavachon is a first generation, and he is 35 lbs. He is not overweight, just heavy.

Cavachons, or the worlds greatest pups weigh to about 15-20lbs but can weigh more. They are Reasonably small dogs

Granted, my cavachon is still a puppy, but the vet told me she would be 12-18 lbs.

I have a 9 month old chavashon called Alfie he is 10kg not sure how big he is going to grow ?

i have a tall lean 6month old cavachon.. Billy is 18 lbs

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