I am getting a Maltipoo puppy. He is 7 weeks old and weighs 8 oz. His 2 litter mates are about 1.5 pounds. mine seems to be active and eating well but not gaining weight. Is there any advise on what to have checked before bringing him home? I have never had a little dog before and am concerned about his weight. any suggestions would be appreciated.

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well most likely he is just playing alot and losing weight which make it look like shes not eating enough but i assure you he will be fine and you should propably wet his food.water acts like grease and adds a couple more lbss and makes the food nice and soft.onlyput your fingers tips in the water and then in his food bowlsprinkle the water.

Mine was the same way. She only weighed .9 oz at 6 weeks by the time she was about 2 months she was only about 1.3 lbs. As she got older she gained more weight. She was eatting nurtimax for puppies. I now have her on a different brand of food because she did not want the other brand anymore. ** She weights more than her brothers and sisters who were over 1 lbs when I got her (but only by 1 or 2 Lbs)

I would check into what they are feeding the pup as well as how much. New puppies need more food, sometimes up to 3 times a day. I would check with the Vet.

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