I cannot get my three-year-old female Plott hound to perform a "Down" in Basic Manners class. She has learned the other basic commands but this one frustrates both me and the instructor, who cannot get her to do it either. We are using the method of doing a Sit first and then down with holding the treat to the nose and slowly bringing it to the ground. She gets up from the sit position to stand.

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Try getting her to do the sit command and then push the treat under her belly then pull it out to a down stance. It took me a while to get my 5 month old to do it but he knows how to do it now

one thing i learned from a neighbor was you have to be in command so when ever she does something wrong (training) you have to correct them. For example, you said you dog goes from sit to stand, once she does that and if you don't correct her she is a little bit more in command so..... come up with a noise (verbal)but with out using words so that you can use too correct her every time she goes from sit to stand. After using you verbal command immediately put her back into siting position use this so on so forth. Keep working on it with her until she understands what she is suppose to do. Its going to take some time. i use a noise like a buzzer but not to long hope i can help good luck :)

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