I got a rescue dog that was called a Terrier/Poodle mix, but I've since been told by a trainer that she is a Dutch Smoushond. How do I know? This is becoming more and more important, since she is sick and the vets are very puzzled....She has bradycardia and is extremely lethargic unless she's on prednisolone. She been tested for lots -- including Addison's and atypical Addisons!

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I have a smoushond that has come down with a form if IBD or a version of Chron's disease. Prednisone helps with the lethargy. I also have him on a regime of 1/2 b-12 at dinner 1 squeezed out tablet FISH OIL (not cod oil) at bedtime 500 mg C, and Magnesium. He is now 21 lbs. and doing great. I also give him chewable Lactoferon (colostrum) 2x/day and once a day silymarin to help his liver with the poison of prednisone. This took 6 months to really kick in for him to feel better, and now we are at 5 mg pred. every 4 days. His energy level has improved and he is the happy little guy I met. This regime will help ailing HUMANS and animals with various challenges. I suggest you try it. I am happy to see him happy...hope this helps...at least to support the systems reaction to the pred.

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