I have 4 month old English Bulldog and he weighs 35 pounds is that pretty normal?

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Wow! That's huge! I have a 6 month english bulldog, she weighs 22lbs.

That is pretty big. I just bought a 4 month old bulldog and he is only 16 pounds.

mine just turned 4 months and he weighs 25 lbs.

My 6month old is over 45lbs....when he was 10weeks he was 11lbs....He steadily put on 5lbs a week for the first month we had him.

I have a 8 month old girl and she weighs 47 lbs so thats about average :)

I have a 4 month old english bulldog and he weighs 40 pounds since we got him at 11 weeks hes gained 10 lbs each month at 11 weeks he weighed 20 pounds

Keep in mind there are several body types of bullies. I think the 2 most common are "show standard"-short, smaller head, nose set in more and what I call chicken legs, then there is a musle, alittle taller, maybe a bigger head body type. I have both body types and personally feel the more muscley one is more healthy with breathing and hips. Depending on the body type, bloodline and dogs make up weight on an english bulldog can vary. Keep in mind there are mini bulldogs which weigh even less. The best person to ask would be your vet or even the breeder. Good luck and have a bullie day!

My 5 1/2 month old is 31 lbs

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