I have a 11 week English Bulldog, that weighs 7lbs doesn't walk straight/shakes and constantly sleeps. It doesn't seem normal to me, what do you think?

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It's very normal for Bulldogs to sleep about 17 hours a day. If it shakes and doesn't walk straight, take the dog to see a vet.

Hi. I breed English Bulldogs in WI. I have been sucessful in breeding healthy, quality beautiful bullies. Wostalenglishbulldogs.weebly.com. I would be concerned if my 11 week old weighed that little if it is pure English Bulldog. I have 12 week old pups and they are 18-24 lbs. The pup should be full of wrinkles, active for a bit then sleeping. At 11 weeks the pup should be good on his feet and running around. Visit a vet!

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