I have a 12 year old Corgi and he is dragging his back legs. Has anyone else had this issue Is he in pain and should I have him put to sleep. He pulls himself along with his front legs, and it is heartbreaking to watch.

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An aniti-inflammatory may help.

That happened to my 11 year old corgi. It is indeed heartbreaking to watch. We did have to euthanize our corgi, due to the fact that he had leg/back problems for 6+ years. The choice is up to you on what to do. If he's not happy anymore, and it's too painful for him, then euthanasia might be the best option. Speak to your vet first, whatever your decision is. There might be treatment options available that weren't for my dog 7 years ago. My prayers go out to your corgi. I hope there's something that can be done for him. I know how it feels to have this happen to a dog. I truely am sorry.

We had a 5 1/2 year old Corgi and in Feb. of this year we had to put him to sleep because I opened the back door and he could no longer walk. He was paralyzed on the lower half of his body. We don't know how it happened but we just thought he may have jumped off of our terrace. At any rate, we chose not to let him be any less than a boistrous and happy dog. It was painful however to do it. My best wishes to you at this difficult time.

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