I have a 13wk bully that is a loner, does not want to be held at ALL, uses us as a human chew toy, doesn't come when called, an has started to grawl when I try to get him to do things...is this normal..I want to cuddle with him so bad...what can I do to turn this around..HELP

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have you watched the dog whisper? he always has the person take a the dog for a walk everyday maybe if you do this first than try to work with him on getting more friendly. it has worked with mine. we walk her everyday but not to far only little walks than we work with her on sitting and lay down, she has become very friendly and sleeps by my bed on a doggy pillow. she is 6 months old and I can take her to work with me because she will be good and just sit by me. we take her every place we can and have all the time we have had her. good luck hope this helps!

sounds like the breeder did not interact with the pups and they are not use to human contact. just keep working with him and he will eventually come around

my bulldog is 8 months old, and is exactly like that. all he wanted to do at first is play by himself and chew on everything, especially my hand. now, he still doesnt like to cuddle, unless it is bed time. bulldogs have very stubborn personalities and it takes them a lot of time to adjust to their surroundings. they are wary of strange surroundings and new people. make sure to remain firm with his training and make sure you let them know that you are the BOSS. my bulldog didn't come when i called him, just would look at me and sit there, but now when i call him and kind of squat down, he comes running because he recognizes that i am calling him.

I had a male puppy that did not look at me or want to be touched or held. I worked with him 2 or more hours every day - started walking and trying to lightly massage him. He just hated the touch. I started using lots of food rewrd to get him to oriet to me and look at me. Started wearing treats in a fanny pack. He ended up being the smartest dog I ever had. But he never let me hold him and he rarely let me pet him and he certainly did not want to snuggle. He liked to sit on my lap in the car while I was a passenger (not very safe). I was going to hold him when he died but when that happened I found myself respecting his boundaries. What he would not five me in physical contact , he mae up for with everything else. But I WORKED MY BUTT OFF making that bond! You can do it but he may never be the snuggler you want.

In fact, I almost want another like him - I have a new one who is 8 months soooo cuddly but just seems dumb. But I am sure she will come around. I have to remember all the time I put into him and you don't 10 years of relationship in a month - she was 7 months and not socialized either. But cuddly at least. FOOD REWARD woeks great - go to a trainer who knows operant conditioning REALY REALLY well --not just any petsmart class. A clicker trainer would be good. I use "good dog" rather than the clicker - makes more sense to me. eventually the food reward is fed at a variable ratio and then less and less and finally "good dog" is all the reward you need. My dog learned to stay with me, Stop meant absolutely put the breaks on. He learned 3 levels of COME - Later in life he used 4 barks and 4 levels of touch to tell me things. He was smart. Watch what your dog does and what he means and follow through.

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