I have a 144lb male who is 2 years old, I am on a farm and he is with 2 other rotts, he licks the bottoms of his feet a lot. Is there anything I can do for him. We take them all to the vett and feed them well using lam and rice from sams store. They catch a lot of animals on the farm and sometimes eats them. My name is Bob Medlin. Thank you for your time.

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Rottweilers can be sensitive on their feet. Possibly stones or salt is causing some skin agitation. ask your vet for special lotion to rub on their pads :)

My rot had the same issue, except i live in a rather large city in an apartment. What the issue was, was a yeast proliferation...not infection. Yeast would grow in between her paws pads because of our rather damp 'backyard'. Anyway, the vet just gave me a anti-bacterial solution and I had to flush the paw she licked a lot every morning and night. Also, I had to keep it dry as possible. Fixed her up in a matter of days. Keep her paws as dry as you can for a while, and flush them with the solution (only like 7 bucks, I'm in toronto, might be less expensive everywhere else in north america).

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