I have a Weim who is 12 weeks old. We have his food bowl and water elevated, however we can't find a good way to slow his eating down...he is ALWAYS hungry and looking for food, but if he eats more than 1.5 cups at any time he will bloat and vomit because he inhales too fast, no chewing! Any ideas how to slow his eating down?

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there are bowls made for dogs that eat too fast. It is like any other bowl but there are about 4 knobs that stick out in the middle of it. they dont hurt the dog, they are just in the way of the food. This forces the dog to only eat a little at a time and doesn't inhale.

Place a round rock in the middle of the bowl and put food around it. This will slow the feeding dramatically.

feed him less food at a time only feed him twice as often. i am weaning 8 pups right now and we are feeding them a 1/4 cup of food 6-8 times a day and have had no incidents at all!

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