I have a four month Weim that bites a lot. I'm worried since I have a six year old at home and a great deal of relatives and friends that are constantly coming over. I don't know how to make him stop and I've tried every method in the book. Help?

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During our dog training with our Weim who also used to bite like all dogs do at that age, they are teething and will chew anything. The dog school used a little water squirter, when the dog started biting then water would be gently sprayed on the dog around the nose/mouth area, this seemed to work and we gave him raw hinde bones to chew on to help with his teething problems.

Try getting breed specific information as the Weimaraner breed is in a league of it's own. These dogs have to be taught early to obey or their "bad side" could run rampid. Generally these dogs are not for the novice dog owner. They take a great deal of work in training and tons and tons of patience. You will need to break this "chewing" habit as soon as possible or your worse fears will become a reality. While they are not mean by nature, like any child, they do whatever they can get away with. Try using positive reinforcement for good behavior and isolate or crate the dog each time there is an incident paying NO attention to any negative behavior while in crate. You MUST crate the dog IMMEDIATELY after the biting incident or the punishment will be lost in translation for the dog. My opinion is that the dog is being playful, not vicious, but even still biting is no small matter and must be dealt with accordingly. We must punish and teach our dogs just as we do our children. Think of your dog as your child and you will see that with any good nurturing the bad comes with the good and you can't give up on your kids, so how could you on your dog. They are part of the family too and must follow the rules like everyone else. God luck, and be patient!!

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