I have a two year old female Weimaraner. She is fully trained and is spoiled rotten by our whole family. I was wondering, if I were to get a second dog any recommendations on breed? I'm not sure if I should get another high energy dog and hope they tire each other out (even though she gets daily excersice) Or, get a laid back breed that might help calm our Weim down. I also am not sure if it would be best to get another female, or go with a male dog this time. Our dog loves all dogs and is not dominant in anyway, but I don't want problems to arise.

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We have two females and would not recommend it. Our first is as sweet and easy to handle. We are convinced she would have preferred to be an only dog. She is 4 yrs. and we bought a puppy to keep her company (same breed). She resented the puppy and now after 2.5 yrs. she accepts her sometimes. We thought it would be nice to have company for her to play and get exercise with the other dog. When we take them out to play ball - the older one will only play if she has her own ball. It's ashamed this had to happen because we thought we were doing the right thing. After checking, we were told the second dog should be a male. Two females don't always get along. Sorry

I totally disagree with the person who said not to mix females. Any pack of dogs is only as good as the pack leader. As long as they know who is in charge you will not have any problems. Choose a dog of a similar temperament as your own & don't allow them to become dominate over each other & you'll have no problems

I would highly recommend a golden retriever. They are generous and laid back by nature and all around great dogs, as far as the sex, I prefer females to males but you also have to consider if they are/will be spayed or neutered in which case, sex is strictly a preference! Good luck!

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