I have an apricot standard poodle who is very even tempered but she is very aloof. In the morning she wont bother getting out of bed to greet us. Also sometimes when we come in from being out, sometimes she will say hello, often she wont bother. She also doesnt like lying in with us in the evenings. If we call her in, she will lie there really ill at ease and then go and lie in the other room. She also doesn't bother greeting my children although she wags her tail if they call her and is friendly enough if you call her and make a fuss of her, then she goes off on her own again. Is this normal? We are finding it very hard to bond with her because of this behaviour.

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It sounds like you're describing my 8 month old standard poodle, also apricot. He is a good temperment, super friendly, not aggressive, but very independant and not particularly affectionate. I have been told he may become more 'devoted' as he gets older. Obedience training is helping him to learn he is not alpha and he seems to look to me more for direction. He doesn't usually greet me when I come home either, but does get excited when other people come to the door.

I have a Standard (Black). To answer your question, from living with my poodle, what you describe is not the norm. Our girl hangs around myself or wife 90% of the time. If we have a party she will greet each person at the door but does eventually go off on her own. When my wife or I come home, even if we were gone one hour or eight, she greats us like she has not seen us in 10 years. She sleeps on her bed next too me every night. She will get on our couch and lie next to me, resting her head on my leg. She does not constantly ask to be pet ( which is a good thing), but is happy to let us pet her when we call.

Is the dog getting enough exercise ? They need that walking, exploring and sniffing around time to be psychologically okay. It doesn't sound like she is a happy camper.

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