I have read that these dogs are "hypoallergenic". Is this true? What exactly makes them considered hypoallergenic? I love these dogs, but have asthma that is triggered by pet dander....Maybe I'd be better off with another breed? If there is anyone out there who owns or breeds these dogs & has allergies or asthma & can report back on this, that woudl be great.

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These dogs are typically considered hypoallergenic because they have very minimal shedding and little dandruff. I have bad allergies and have had a poodle and miniature schnauzers. Both were great for me because of their minimal shedding. They aren't like other breeds that will leave hair all over the house!

NAID dogs tend to produce less dander. Hypoallergenic is not a correct term though,even though most breeders use it.

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