I keep reading that beagles are energetic dogs, and I am worried that my dog has a health issue. Before our walk through the woods, and afterwards, my beagle sleeps. He can sleep an entire day if it weren't for the walk. I talked to my vet who told me that unless they are walking or hunting, they are a lazy breed. I asked her to do bloodwork but she said it isn't necessary. Should I insist on bloodwork or go to another vet? My beagle is only 4 years old and has been a sleepy beagle for the last two years.

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My beagle is the same way. Shes only 10 months and sleeps all the time. She will play if you really encourage her to though.

Sounds like she is getting older, Beagles mature and become more lethargic and quiet, they are one of the few breeds who appear to lose the 'puppiness' relatively quickly (unlike Labs who remain puppies the duration of their life!) If the vet says there is nothing wrong, most likely there isn't!

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