I know corgis shed twice a year (big time!) but how long does this shedding last? We're first time corgi owners.

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I have had a corgi now for 5 years and we deal with shedding year round. I was told that it was light controled. They stay in a room during the day that has a lot of natural light. The key is to have them groomed really well and that helps tremendously.

I'm not sure, but like the response befor, I know corgis are constant shedders. During their acctual shedding period, they will shed A LOT more. That's how you know when they're shedding. Keep a track of how long.

The best thing we have found out is that when they start their shedding season give them a warm bath and brush them out. Do it again a day or to later and you will get rid of most of your problems. The Warm water helps losen the hairs quicker.

To help with the previous response: Make sure that you properly dry your corgi, because their coats can get so thick up in the front, shoulders, and back area's if you dont your corgi can get horrible skin problems. Towel drying is best, just make sure they are as dry as you can make them.

Corgis are known to shed only twice a year: January-June and July-December. Everything I owned was accessorized with corgi hair. It was quite the fashion statement. Now that my corgi is gone, I relish the occasional corgi hair that I find on a piece of clothing. Good brushing and lots of exercise are the key.... as well as acceptance.

we have two corgis and they are bolth blowing coat and shedding usually lasts 3 weeks to a month

Best response ever....The shedding twice a year, Jan-June and July-Dec. Made me laugh. Our family had several corgis through the years and the sable ones seemed to be the best at shedding alot of hair all year long. The tricolour did not shed as much for some reason. They are wonderful dogs though and yes, you do need to just accept it. Brush them lots and vacuum your house and car and clothes continuously...

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