I've heard that these dogs are not good for first time dog-owners. What is the reason for this?

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these dogs are a specialized dog breed and need a lot of care and attention not only that the food bill is quite large and they are a handful at the best of times the best dog to start with if u are a first time buyer would be a beagle or a labrador retriever as there isnt much to worry about in a specialized way.

Clearly you no very little about hounds. I would never recommend a beagle as a first dog.

i say you should get a golden retriver

Clearly you have problems spelling....."know" is spelled "know".....not "no"......get a dictionary and don't come back to this site.....GSMD for life!

Usually medium-sized dogs who don't shed much are recommended for 1st time dog owners.

"you"..... is spelled..... "you' ...not ....."u". I don't see any reason this would not make a fine first time dog, so long as you realize it is large. It's tempermant and behavioral chartaristics are much better than a Beagle and even given the GSMD's size I would still say it's a much better bet fro a 1st time dog owner!

one of the GSMD's job functions is herding ( imposing it's will over the herd to get them to go where they want) an inexperienced owner often doesn't know how to properly establish establish and maintain the alpha roll. ultimately this will lead to dog being alpha and uncontrollable ( imagine a 140 pound 5yr old in charge of you. ie gimme gimme ) I currently own an 11yr old rott however am seriously considering a GSMD as my next family member. Any dog properly trained with proper pack order established is a tremendous addition to any family.

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