I want to get a Maltipoo and I' am doing as much research as possible before I get a Maltipoo and I wanted to know if someone could give me an estimate of how much money you spend on a Maltipoo a year and if it would get a long with a 100 pound golden retriever. You do not have to answer the question about how much you spend a year for a Maltipoo, I am just trying to figure it out before I get one.

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We spend a bit more, grooming is about $400 a year, and we spoil our pup with only the best organic food and treats so I estimate we spend about 40 a month for treats, wet and dry food. Our maltipoo pup also went to doggie day care and thinks hes a lab, haha. He gets along with all dogs big and small as long as they are socilized right away. Good Luck, they are great dogs and bring so much love if properly cared for.

Mine gets along with a chocolate lab very well. So I am sure the golden retriever would be no different. I spend about 400.00 a year on mine, but thats food and grooming (prices vary with both). I do have a long curly haired maltipoo, so she gets groomed about 6 times a year, I like to keep her short since she is so active and gets knots and all very easy.

Maltipoos have to be groomed regularly. If the coat is straight more like a Maltese grooming does not have to be quite as often. As long as you keep your dog cut in a puppy cut and keep up with the brushing and bathing, grooming every few months should be enough. Most groomers cost around 35.00 a visit. As for the 100 pound dog, I think that depends on the dog. If you plan to take them both to a dog park, the small dog is not really safe in with other big dogs. And you can't take the 100 pound in with all the little dogs either. Just something to think about before you decide.

I spend $59 every two months for grooming She now has Addisons desease and is on meds the rest of her life $35 per month. The vet bills were close to $1,500 She has allergys to chicken and had more tests and is on special food. That was a couple of hundred. She is worth it. Very expensice.

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