My beagle will be 2 on March 17. She had parvo at around 15 weeks old and survived. She is very aggresive. When outside she goes after people. Last night my son who is 5 was laying next to her one the couch and she ended up biting his lips. We think he was to close because he was justing lying there. I am ready to have her put to sleep because I don't know if the parvo has made her this way. I am afraid she will end up biting the neighbor kids. I am scared to get another beagle because of this. Any reactions that may help?

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Don't put her to sleep -- find a beagle rescue that will take her and find appropriate owners for her who can deal with her issues. Beagles are generally not aggressive so the parvo could have something to do with it but she still deserves to live. There are people out there who can handle such a dog in a more appropriate setting without children involved. Good luck.

Wow, I have never had that experience with my beagles... I have had 4 and all have been very loving pets. I am answering this in July and hope that you have not put your dog to sleep. Perhaps some behavioral help? Usually aggression comes from the dog being scared or protective of you and feeling threatened. Has your vet checked your dog ? Beagles are usually very mild tempered dogs .... part of the reason they are used in research.

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