My chi-chon sugar is a very very smart dog. She catches on quickly to any trick we teach her. She even seems to understand key words we say ie. bath, toy, water, outside. Not only is sugar smart but she is also stubborn :) and she has decided when and where she wants to go potty (and it's not always outside). She has chosen the bathroom rug, maybe because that's where we all go potty, and the hallway. She can be very sneaky and will run off real quick to pee in the bathroom, or even hold it in while outside on her leash only to come back inside and promptly go on the rug! Please help. I have tried everything to get her to stop. we kennel train her, use sprays, reward her good behavior, walk her. I'm unsure what to do next.

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try training pads with rewards worked for me

I had the same exact problem with my Chi-Chon Violet. I finally bought The Buddy System leash for small dogs. One part goes around your waist and the leash part attaches to that. You can buy an extension leash for it if you want it longer. I've used it for a couple of months and am now starting to let her off of it gradually. So far so good. When I don't want her attached to me I put her in her crate.

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