Will my bulldogs head get bigger as he gets older?? I have seen some bulldogs with massive heads and mine is well just not as big as alot of others I have seen and Im starting to worry if I got a mix breed or something. He has the body his wt is 38lbs but his head is just not portioned with it. Any infor would be great!! Oh and I do have papers on him that say bulldog but when I called akc I was told they dont differentiate and put english bulldog its just bulldog???

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English bulldogs have size variations just as any other breed, depending on his genetics. This doesn't mean that he is not 'registered'. Have you seen his parents? That should give you a good idea of what to expect. Usually the AKC is pretty strict on it's registration procedures so if you have papers on him, chances are good that he is purebred unless the breeder was just totally unreliable and switched paperwork. He also isn' t mature yet, so still has some growing to do. Good luck with your boy, they are great dogs!

I had the same concerns with my bully. they grow most of their height by 18 months and then get wider and heavier boned until 21/2 to 3 years. don't worry his head will grow with time

if you measure his head just in front of his ears I think you will find it is as tall or taller than his height at the shoulder. that is the way it should be.

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