Never owned a mastiff before. I have a german shepherd now. I have fallen in love with the mastiff and am doing research to find the best one for me. Is a giant Maso a better breed for a family with small children than an american mastiff? Also, do many of them slobber? I know some slobber, but wonder what is the likelihood of them inheriting the slobber gene.

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The Giant Maso Mastiff is a perfect choice for a family dog. They absolutely adore small children and are very protective of their family. They are considered "gentle giants" and they are very affectionate and easy-going. I would absolutely recommend a Giant Maso Mastiff. They do not slobber much at all, only after eating and drinking. I hope this helps! Good Luck! Giant Maso Mastiff Lover P.S. My Giant Maso Mastiff is pictured below, her name is Molly and she is the one laying in the bed with the big orange bone toy.

I also own a Maso and absolutely love her! She LOVES children! She follows kids around waiting for an opportunity to sneak in kisses, lol. My daughter is 8 and the size doesn't become much of an issue. However, I would be careful of smaller children simply because of the size of these dogs. She slobbers very little, only after eating or drinking. Our Maso is very lovable and just wants attention from everyone she meets. We have NEVER had any problems with her being aggressive or over protective. Housebreaking was a breeze and her training has been easy as well. There are alot of negative comments online about this developing breed because it is a "mix", but I do not regret for a minute choosing a Maso! These are great family dogs! Good Luck in your search!

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