One person posting an answer stated that her gsmd doesn't swim in her pool. Do gsmd like the water? Is is a nature or nurture issue?

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my gsmd fell in our pool one time and never went back again. he was not a strong swimmer and hated getting wet

Swissy's are by far the most loyal, loving & gentle dog. I have very busy house w/ kids 3-26 in & out all hrs. this dog loves all uncond. I will say anyone considering a swissy, MUST be willing to spend much time and attention they are dogs that must be included in everything.. Never leave them out. They also never grow up. constant puppy.. very smart. But forever playful. Not outside dogs. Need to be w/ people. If you can't handle a very big dog under your feet (or should I say between your legs) THIS IS NOT THE DOG FOR YOU...they need & want lots of love & attention.& they deserve it.

The first time I took my Swissie to the country for a run, she spotted the creek, which is almost a river, made a beeline for it and jumped in. She has even crossed it twice. Same thing when she was taken to the Lake. If there's water, she's in it. I must say this really surprised me as nothing I read about the breed mentioned an affinity for water.

My swissy didn't like water first, but then he tried it once with his friend (beauceron) and now i cant stop him from getting wet...even when its cold :)

I have a female swissy who is 4 years old. She can be coaxed into water if I am there. But she otherwise can't stand water...she even doesn't like it if the backyard ground is soft or muddy.

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