Our rescued Plott seems to be an escape artist. Any tips on how to keep her in her crate (indoors) while we're gone?

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A cage with a top on it and extra locking device is a must for a Plott hound. My sister had a similar problem with her border collie and had success with that. I do want to share the same frustration. I am a volunteer at the local Humane Society and often take training classes with the shelter dogs. My current foster dog is a three-year-old female Plott Hound, and she has escaped from the shelter three times, twice over a six-foot fence with volunteers and staff standing right there. She has also squeezed under the fence because she is so agile. Orders are for all of us to keep her on a leash. She has a harness for training class and even tries to roll around and take it off--hence her nickname Houdini. For a shelter dog, she gets lots of walking and jogging with me: four times a week for 1-2 hours. Despite exercise, Stella is not to be trusted with sticking around. My husband and I would like to adopt her because she is cute and so good with people and children, but we cannot deal with constant worry of escape. We would have to redo our four-foot fence totally to prevent that. Good luck! jioc

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