Recently acquired WFT about 2 years old. He seems friendly and well behaved but sometimes gets subdued and seems depressed despite periods of play. Any suggestions to cheer him up or will this happen over time?

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Hi my mother breeds them and I have had mine for 3 years. He is a very loyal dog that loves companionship. He is very excited when he first sees either me or my fiancee. After long walks or periods of play he soon lies down near us but he will still follow either of us if we go into a different room. When its me in the house and when my fiancee is out and vice versa he lies at the top of the stairs waiting for her to come home almost in a "depressed" state but I think he just likes the attention of new people giving him attention! I might be wrong but he is probably missing his former owners but will soon get over it with plenty of love and affection! They are truely great dogs and I wouldnt change mine for the world! (except when he runs off!!!!!!!!) Good luck!

This is so funny you mentioned the "depressed" behavior. Our dog does this too. She will just stand still and look so mournful. We call her"taxidermy dog" because she's so still that she looks like she's stuffed. However, as soon as we move or do something different, she pops out of it.

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