Should I give my English Bulldog a all raw meat diet?

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No. Uncooked meat is bad for dogs and could cause upset tummies. Here is a fun fact you might wanna know.Dogs will sometimes eat grass to settle their upset stomachs.

Absolutely not. Uncooked meat can potentially contain a significant amount of bacteria. Also raw and uncooked meat can cause diarrhea and serious digestive problems. Ask your vet or a pet professional about specific brands of dog food that are made especially for bulldogs.

Dogs digest things differently than humans do. Raw diet or a diet that is a mix of raw and a high quality, no filler (no grain, no beet pulp etc) kibble is good for dogs. A dog's digestive tract is not meant to process grains, which can cause gas and other digestional problems. There has been a lot of research done about the positive results of feeding a raw diet. For a good read: Raw & Natural Nutrition for Dogs by Lew Olson, PhD. If you're going to feed a raw diet though, do your research. Your dog will thank you!


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