We live in West Chester, Pennsylvania and are looking for a reputable breeder of Bich Poos. Does anyone have any suggestions on where we can look? Also, I do have slight allergies to dogs. Has anyone had any allergic reactions to a Bich Poo? Thank you for your help!

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There is one breeder in Ohio, a large breeder, but very reputable. My sister has this kind of dog from this breeder and I feel in love with her dog. I am also searching, but I am trying to find one locally so I can go and pick out the personality of the puppy, and the way it looks. Sorry I forget the name, but if you search, you will find it easy. They will ship.

hi , i am allerigic to dogs, but i have a bishon poo and no problems at all. hope this helps.....liz

Hi! I unfortunately don't know about your question BUT I do know a good cute dog similar to the bichpoos. They're Teddybears (a.k.a. Shichons, Zuchons.) My Brother is allergic to dogs, so the teddy bear didn't even make him wheeze once. Hope this helps! :)

AA Ridgewood Kennels in Downingtown

I have a female Bich poo. Red toy poodle × Bichon frise. She is red. http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/enzadent/archive/2014/10/15

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