What brand of dog food do you recommend for less gas?

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I was told to put water in the dog food, it will help the food to not give your dog gas. but if you have a bull dog it's just part of there crazy side. good luck

Wells Science plan is a very good dog food and i have found that it has reduced our bully's gas.

if you go to a good pet store they will give you good advise on what food is better but Ive found that the no grain foods are good for the dogs hair, or a raw diet (meat)only. dont feed dry pellets with canned food together. its simple the dry food digest slower than the wet food and causes gas in the digestive track. what i find works is not to mix the food but portion it out like i was feeding my kid only 2-3 spoons of wet food so they dont get spoilled and not eat dry kibble. lastly dry oatmeal like a dry cereal on top of the food daily. oatmeal naturaly calms the stomach and is great for their hair less shedding and less farting i feed oatmeal by the cup daily and i have two dogs i dont get any farting very rearly unless they must poop good luck

I breed bulldogs in WI. From experience I can say soaking the food helps but gas is part of the breed. I soak my pups food and suggest it to new owners till they are at least 4 months old. I soak all my pregnant mom's food too. Seems to help going into the tummy already full size instead of them eating too much and then it bloating up.

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