What is the average price to pay for a puppy.

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$600-1200 is the standard price for a pet-quality dog guaranteed against heart/hip problems. Expect to pay $1000-1800 for a show-quality dog. Additionally, if you wish to acquire a female for breeding purposes, some breeders will require a much higher price for that puppy.Be wary of cheap Bernese Mountain Dogs. This is a breed in demand, and unscrupulous puppy mills do exist that pump out hundreds of unhealthy, poor-quality dogs a year.

Berners are very susceptible to excessive heat. This is a breed that flourished in the Swiss Alpine region. Its was not bred to live in dry, arid areas where excessive heat is normal. However, if great care and consideration is given, a Berner can adjust to living in a hotter climate. This breed has a double coat common to 'snow breeds'. There is an outer coat, called 'guard hairs' that helps protect the Berner from the elements like cold and heat. This part of the coat is maintained year round with a little bit of shedding constantly. Berner people jokingly refer to this constantly shed Berner fur as a 'food group'. In truth, Berner fur ends up pretty much everywhere in the Berner's home. A Berner should never have its guard hairs shaved. These hairs are an important part of keeping the Berner cool during the heat of summer as well as being protection from the cold of winter. However, in late Spring, it can be a good idea to shave off only the hairs on a Berner's belly to allow for better cooling when the Berner is lying down. There is also an inner coat which is begins to grow during late Summer and early Fall. The purpose for this inner coat is to better insulate the Berner from the extreme cold of winter. This part of the coat will begin to shed about mid-to-late Spring and should be completely shed by early Summer. Regular baths during Spring and Summer can help eliminate problems with shedding of the inner coat. Usual grooming includes only clipping excessive fur on the ears and feet and trimming of the toenails. No other part of the Berner's coat is typically clipped. http://www.sagekeep.com/bmdinfo-gen.htm

Unlike the puppy-mill dogs, a shelter dog usally has the adoption fee of around 80-100 bucks. They're pretty healthy

It may range from 300$ to 900$. For a show dog, 900$ to 1,000$ is the regular price.

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