i have had our beagle for a number of years now and she still does not walk very well on a leash. she has her head to the ground smelling and sniffing everything. when she gets latched onto a sent she will not even listen to me. i would like for to be able to walk next to me a well as interact with other dogs while out on a walk. i have tried using treats and calling her to come back but it is very hit and miss. sometimes she will and sometimes it is like she isn't even listening to me. how can i get her to be properly trained while on our walks?

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Get something besides a beagle. They don't go for walks. They go for hunts. That breed was developed to hunt rabbits. Their default setting is to go nose down and all out. It's part of the fun of the breed. Every walk is an adventure. If you want an accessory instead of a loving companion, pick a chihuahua. Walking a dog isn't about your social status. It's about exercising and caring for your best friend. You can "properly" train a beagle, but that removes their reason for being. Relax and enjoy the hunts.

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