what is the recommended tempature to maintain household indoors with a/c. We just adopted a 6 week old male and my roommate is insistant that the vet stated to keep the house at a constant tempature of 72 degrees. We live in florida but I already have $300.00 electric bills. I would think 76-78 would still be sufficient to keep the pup healthy and be more concerned about outdoor intolerance?

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as long as the house is not hot, and the puppy is not breathing funny, he will be ok. I live in canada, we can have very hot summers, and I keep cold water, and a little kids pool for mine to lay in if he gets to hot. also mine likes to eat ice cubes. if you start now with the ice, they wil eat it when they get to hot. good luck with the puppy, they are wonderful pets.

we have a male and we have kept ours at about 72-75 since we have had him. be careful not to get it to hot the are known to overheat. good luk with your new pup they are wonderful animals.

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