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I bought my Chiweenie from a breeder when he was 4 weeks old his name is Brex. He and my 2 other cats have been getting along since the day we brought him home I never had a problem with them getting along. I noticed he was afraid of dogs the first time I brought him to the vet there were other dogs in the office that day and they were all very friendly. I tried to get him to play or at least sniff the other dogs and he wanted nothing to do with them. He tried to hid behind my back and he started shaking a lot. He never growled at them or showed his teeth he just kept trying to run away and hid. He did the same second time I brought him to the vet. The vet has an office cat and Brex will run and hid from the dogs but the second the office cat comes from around the corner he is ready to play. Well about 2 weeks ago my boy friend found a Lab mix laying on the side of the road. It looks to us like he had been beaten and someone tried to slice his neck opened. So we have been doctoring him up and he now lives in our back yard. We named him Carter he is very sweet and loves to play with our neighbors dog. We tired to let Brex meet him and Brex put his tail between his legs, started shaking and breathing really hard. We normally would take Brex to the back yard to go to the bathroom but since he is scared of the big dog we have been bringing him in the front yard. Now every time Brex goes outside he acts really funny and keeps trying to run back inside. Instead of him going to the bathroom right away like before it now it takes him 15 to 25 mins to go. He wont even go near the front or back door anymore and really starts to shake or act very nervous when we do try to bring him outside. What can I do to help fix the issues and still be able to keep up with Brex's potty training?

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