Beverlys Beautiful Shepardoodles

We are a Family of a Single Mom and hertwo GREAT Sons and more than a couple Canine Companions!! We have Two Great Danes, (One old, deaf and needs to lose weight!) Two sometimes Three Standard Poodles, and Oscar, our Treasured Shepardoodle!! All our dogs are raised here in the house with us (am I nuts!!??) and given lots of love and affection!! I might be a little crazy, but we adore our dogs. When we come in and see how much love is in the house.... We feel Blessed Beyond measure. A dogs love... a true treasure! There is a reason that DOG is GOD spelled backwards! They have the same kind of Agape' Love as He. We were made to love them and they to love We!! check out our website @ Read more about dog breeds at email me @ Be Blessed!! Beverly G.

Owner: Beverly Gibson
Location: Prescott, MI
Breed: Shepadoodle
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