Through my unique breeding program, I am able to offer "pet store selection" without contributing the the cruelty of Puppy Mills, or producing unhealthy pups with poor dispositions. I "co-own" 66 female dogs, every one has been placed with a family for life on a breeding contract. When the dog reached breeding age, she is brought to me to be bred wth one of my studs. I go to the home to deliver the pups, who spend the next 8-10 weeks being raised in the home with a family. They are healthy, well socialized and spend their formative weeks in a HOME, not a dark kennel on a wire floor. Each female is bred 2-3 times, then spayed and "retired" where they live out their life with their family. I breed mixes consisting of various combinations of Yorkies, Havanese, Bichons, Poodles, Maltese, Shitzus, and Cavaliers. All pups leave with all vaccines appropriate for their age, de-wormed, and are started on heartworm preventative (Revolution) and flea control (Cedarcide). Pups are guaranteed (by state law) for 2 weeks against contagious disease and 6 month against congenital defects. All pups are examined by a Veterinarian no more than 14 days prior to leaving my house. Please go to my site and read my FAQs to learn more about me and my breeding program. Pups can be shipped for actual shipping cost plus $50.00 (for crate, health certificate, and travel to airport) `

Owner: Shannon Morgan
Location: Mullica Township, NJ
Website: http://mixeduppups.com/Chihuahuas.html
Breed: Chihuahua
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