Marble Mountain Kennel is a family owned and operated kennel that produces just a few litters per year. We are located in the northern extreme of California - in the heart of the Pacific Flyway and where quail and pheasant can still be found in their natural setting. Our goal is to produce retrievers with both outstanding natural hunting skills and well-balanced, personable dispositions. We would like these dogs to be equally welcome in your home as companions, in your duck blind as a hunting partner, or at the hunt test or field trial as a competitor. We are also making an effort, with some breedings, to produce natural born pointing retrievers. We hunt over our dogs, and choose to use our labs in both upland and water fowling situations. We are looking for true versatility in the best gun dog breed developed - the Labrador Retriever. We also believe that you hunt with a dog 30-40 days a year (if you are really lucky), but you live with it 365 days a year. So a gentle disposition and good socialization is extremely important to our breeding program. I would love to talk to you about any questions you might have. Pointing labs are a new wrinkle in the hunting dog world, and for some the idea of a lab as a pointer is just too extreme. But, for a hunter like me who wants to hunt it all, and loves the temperament of a Labrador -- a pointing lab is hard to beat. Not all litters out of our kennel are meant to produce pointing labs, as we have chosen to emphasize superior hunting ability and disposition before the pointing trait. Plus, not all puppies from pointing parents will carry the pointing instinct. If you are looking for a quality lab, or know someone who is, call and make your reservations soon. Our litters generally go quickly (females go the quickest), often more than half the litter is spoken for before they are born. ABOUT POINTING LABS : Pointing labs have been bred in kennels in the United States for the last 70 years, but have become popular in the last ten. They are, to those who hunt with them, the best of both worlds. They are patient in the blind, love water, and handle cold temperatures well. At the same time they quarter, search out and point sitting birds, but can also flush running birds. They are absolutely deadly on pheasants, quail and all kinds of waterfowl. NOT ALL PUPPIES ALWAYS HAVE THE NATURAL POINTING TRAIT, but the more generations of pointing in the background, the stronger are your possibilities. RESERVATIONS : All pups will have dew claws removed, first shots and have a full guarantee on hips, eyes, general health and hunting desire. Your pick in the litter is determined by the date on which your $200 deposit is received. Deposits can be made with the condition that you get either the gender or the color puppy you desire. Deposits are otherwise non-refundable, but can be transferred to a future litter if desired. There is a puppy reservation form that should be filled out by all prospective owners. This form can be reproduced by clicking below and printing

Owner: Pete
Location: Greenview, CA
Breed: Labrador Retriever
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