(Bulldog) Although Bulldogs have comparatively small statures, they are stout, exceptionally sturdy, and widely built. They have muscular legs that are set squarely and contribute to the breed’s “waddle”. Their heads are thick
Height: 12 – 16 inches | Weight:49 – 55 pounds
(Owczarek Wschodnioeuropejski, VEO, Vostochnoevropejskaya ovcharka) The East-European Shepherd is a medium- to large-sized dog with a comparatively long build and strong, well-developed muscles. They have sturdy bone structure, a strong, wide ba
Height: 24 – 30 inches | Weight:90 pounds
The English Cocker Spaniel is a medium-sized dog with a compact, sturdy body and a solid build. They are well-balanced and strong, yet they are not bulky or cumbersome. The breed’s topline is almost level, with a slight scoop downwards from the
Height: 14 – 17 inches | Weight:26 – 34 pounds
(Redtick Coonhound) The English Coonhound is a breed with a strong, well-proportioned, muscular build. They have a deep chest and their muscles are well-defined. Their loin is comparatively broad and their back is strong and slopes gracefully in
Height: 21 – 27 inches | Weight:40 – 65 pounds
The English Foxhound is an elegantly bodied dog with an athletic build and clean-cut appearance. They have a long neck and sturdy hindquarters. Their limbs are perfectly straight and feature round, cat-like feet. They have a wide skull and a long muz
Height: 21 – 25 inches | Weight:65 – 70 pounds
The English Setter is a beautiful, elegantly built setter with a slim body and a distinctive speckled coat. They have a deep, narrow chest and an elongated head with a defined frontal stop. The muzzle is approximately half the length of the dog&rsquo
Height: 23 – 27 inches | Weight:45 – 80 pounds
The English Springer Spaniel is a hearty, compact, medium-sized dog. They carry themselves proudly. Their back is level and approximately the same length as the height of the withers. Their limbs are straight and their feet are compact. The breed&rsq
Height: 18 – 21 inches | Weight:40 – 55 pounds
(King Charles Spaniel) The English Toy Spaniel is a small-sized spaniel with a stout, sturdy frame and a compact build. They have a dome-shaped skull and a pronounced stop. Their deep pug nose is black in color and features a pair of open nostri
Height: 10 inches | Weight:9 – 12 pounds
(Entlebucher Sennehund, Entelbuch Mountain Dog, Entelbuch Cattle Dog, Entlebucher) The Entlebucher Sennenhund is a medium-sized dog with a heavily boned, muscular body and sturdy, square proportions. Their hocks have a naturally good angle and t
Height: 19 – 20 inches | Weight:55 – 66 pounds
The Estonian Hound is medium-sized, well-muscled dog with solid bone structure and a sturdy body. The breed’s eyes are dark brown in color, and the tail is evenly covered with thick hair. Their skin is tight and their ears are dropped. They hav
Height: 17 – 21 inches | Weight:33 – 44 pounds
(Eurasian) -
Height: 16 – 24 inches | Weight:40 – 70 pounds
English Shepherds have an appearance that is similar to that of Australian Shepherds as well as Border Collies. One of the primary differences between Australian Shepherds and English Shepherds is that the English dog usually has a tail as well as he
Height: 18-23 inches | Weight:40-60 pounds
The coat of the English Boodle consists of thin fur that does not appear to shed
The Enga-Apso is a small breed and is generally not as long as a Lhasa Apso. Its coat is silky and can be straight or wavy. It's known coat colors are gold, cream, honey and smoke in addition to multicolored. The eyes are set deep and are dark in c
8-11 inches | 10-18 pounds
The English Boston Bulldog is a compact, stout, well-muscled hybrid breed. Their heads are thick and very large-sized with cheeks that reach the sides of their eyes.The English Boston Bulldog’s muzzle is short and pug like and features a broad
15 - 18 inches | My boston-bulldog is 48 pounds full grown.
The Mastweiler is a large breed dog with heavy muscle.
25 inches | 110-150 pounds
The hair is wavy. The ears are floppy and they have a short muzzle.
11-12 inches | 18-20 pounds
The English Toy Spanese is a very beautiful dog. They are small, with coats ranging from cream to seal. They have faces similar to the Engilsh Toy Spaniel, but also with bits of the Pekingese.
| 8-15 pounds
10-20 inches | 50-90 pounds
The Eskland also comes in Blue Merle.
14-18 inches | 9-35 pounds
The Euro Mountain Sheparnese is known for feathered ears and its fur resembles the German Shepherd most of the time.
Min 26 inches | 85-110 pounds
Ewokians tend to look more like the Havanese than the Pomeranian. They are very loving, intelligent and sometimes hyper. They need plenty of exercise and human interaction.

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