The French Bulldog is a compact, small- to medium-sized dog with heavy bone structure and an overall appearance that denotes intelligence, strength, and alert curiosity. All parts of the French Bulldog are well in proportion to one another, and no si
Height: 12 inches | Weight:19 - 28 pounds
The Field Spaniel is somewhat heavier as well as longer than its cousin the Cocker Spaniel. Most Field Spaniels have a solid color coat, with the primary colors being black or a liver color. There are some Field Spaniels that have markings, usually t
Height: 18 inches | Weight:35-50 pounds
(Brazilian Mastiff) (Brazilian Molosser) (Cao de Fila) The Fila Brasileiro, also known as the Brazilian Mastiff, can be easily distinguished from other breeds by its long muzzle and skin which seems to somewhat hang on its compact body. The skin of t
Height: 25-29 inches | Weight:90-110 pounds
(Suomenajokoira) (Finsk Stovare) The Finnish Hound has a coat that is dense and short. It also tends to be quite coarse as well. Many Finnish Hounds are tan with black markings that resemble a saddle. They may also have small white markings as well,
Height: 20-24 inches | Weight:45-55 pounds
(Suomenpystykorva) (Finsk Spets) (Loulou Finnoi) The Finnish Spitz is quite well known for its golden hued coat. It is frequently likened to a fox because the two share similar colored coats. The coat of the Finnish Spitz can vary between a golden re
Height: 15-20 inches | Weight:31-35 pounds
The Flat-Coated Retriever is of the retriever class of dog and typically has a liver or black colored coat that is thick and of medium length. The coat on this dog tends to be fine and sleek while the legs, chest and tail are often well feathered. Th
Height: 22-23 inches | Weight:60-70 pounds
(Le Fougueux) (Epagneul Breton) (French Brittany Spaniel) The French Brittany is a breed that is much like the American Brittany. One of the primary differences between these two breeds of dogs lie in the way in which they hunt. French Brittany dogs
Height: 17-21 inches | Weight:30-40 pounds
(Epagneul Francais) The French Spaniel is a proud and well structured dog. The eyes of the French Spaniel tend to be somewhat long and are often a dark amber in color. The ears of this breed are set back. The tail of the French Spaniel is not docked,
Height: 21-24 inches | Weight:44-60 pounds
This breed comes in black, brown and white. The hair is normal long, but some sections may be extra long.
The Fo-Tzu has hair instead of fur and is low shedding.
10-15 inches | 10-19 pounds
The Foodle is a small breed with shaggy hair. The legs are long and slim. The eyes are bright, high set and full of expression. The tail is curved.
10-12 inches | 9-13 pounds
Groom every 8- 9 weeks keeps their coats looking great
12 inches | 5-15 pounds
The coat of the Foxker is generally white with dark patches. The fur is soft and they eyes are soft and piercing. The ears are fluffy.
The Free-Lance Bulldog is a mix of the English Bull Walker (ACHC) and the French Bulldog. This breed makes a great pet for a strong, dominate owner. They prefer warm climates.
12-16 inches | 25-55 pounds
Also known as a Mexican Frenchie.
| 13 pounds
The Frenchie-Pei will have either short coarse hair like the Sharpei or softer longer hair like the French Bulldog. Their coat comes in many colors but most are brindle or gray and heavily favor the colors of the Sharpei. They have a few wrinkles on
17 inches | 40 pounds
Frengles tend to have the stature of a French Bulldog with a Beagle shaped head. The nose is slightly shorter and more square than a beagle, but the Frengle has the Beagle ears. They often have brindle coloring with white markings. They may have a
| 15-35 pounds

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