(Pom, Dwarf Spitz, Zwergspitz, Loulou) The Pomeranian is a compact toy dog with a short-backed build and an alert, intelligent expression. The breed is curious and buoyant, and every move they make is sound and coordinated. Their medium-boned bo
Height: 7 – 12 inches | Weight:3 – 7 pounds
(Welsh Corgi) (Corgi) The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is an odd looking dog only resembling other corgis. A peculiar shaped head leads to their slightly long narrow muzzle. Slightly set back in their head are two large round eyes usually brown in color
Height: 10 – 12 inches | Weight:25 – 30 pounds
(Carlin) (Mops) The Pug is a cute and commonly seen breed. The breed’s head is covered in wrinkles like a small version of a Shar Pei or Bulldog. Pugs have an extremely short muzzle which looks scrunched up and ends with a small black nose
Height: 10 – 14 inches | Weight:13 – 20 pounds
(Peke, Peking Palasthund)The Pekingese is an ancient breed of toy dog whose physical appearance denotes courage, boldness, and independence. Their stocky, muscular body is pear-shaped, compact, and low to the ground. It is slightly longer than it is
Height: 6 – 9 inches | Weight:8 – 10 pounds
(Continental Toy Spaniel) (Butterfly Dog) (Pap) (Epagneul nain Continental)The Papillon is a cute and small dog with distinctive characteristics.  Their round, perky face stretches into a short muzzle sticking out from it.  The breed’
Height: 8 – 11 inches | Weight:8 – 10 pounds
The Parson Russell Terrier looks very similar to the Jack Russell Terrier.  The breed’s square head and flat skull have a rectangular muzzle extending from them.  Their large round eyes are dark brown and full of emotions.  On to
Height: 12 – 14 inches | Weight:14 – 18 pounds
(Black Fell Terrier)The Patterdale Terrier is a small dog with a square head.  Stretching from their head is their short muzzle.  The breed’s almond shaped eyes are set deep into their head and are usually dark colored.  Small ea
Height: 12 inches | Weight:11-13 pounds
(Spanish Pointer) (Perdiguero Burgales) (Burgos Pointing Dog) The Perdiguero de Burgos (Spanish Pointer) is a large hunting dog.  Their flat large skull leads into a long rectangular muzzle which ends with a wide brown nose.  On their
Height: 20 – 25 inches | Weight:50 – 70 pounds
(PIO) (Moonflower Dog) (Perro Flora) (Peruvian Hairless Dog) (Al’co Calato) (Inca Hairless Dog) The Peruvian Inca Orchid is a unique looking breed.  Its rounded head has a long rectangular muzzle stretching from its face.  On tha
Height: 20 – 26 inches | Weight:26 – 50 pounds
(Small Vendeen Basset) The Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen is a cute, medium sized dog.  A square head leads to their long rectangular muzzle. The muzzle covered in a long, flowing beard ends with a large black nose.  Huge round eyes are
Height: 13 – 15 inches | Weight:31 – 40 pounds
(Kelb Tal-Fenek) The Pharaoh Hound is a unique looking breed with its very small round head sitting on a long, skinny neck.  On their face are tiny round eyes and a long, yet small, muzzle.  On the top of their head are two large bat-l
Height: 21 – 25 inches | Weight:45 – 55 pounds
The Plott Hound has a face full of cute expressions.  The breed’s rounded head has a long rectangular muzzle which ends in a large black nose.  Small round eyes show off this dog’s emotions.  Large floppy ears hang down pas
Height: 20 – 24 inches | Weight:46 – 55 pounds
(Polish Lowland Sheepdog) (Valee Sheepdog) (Berge Polonais de Vallee) The Polski Owczarek Nizinny (Polish Lowland Sheepdog) is a medium sized herding dog.  The breed’s square head is covered in long flowing hair.  Covered by more
Height: 16 – 20 inches | Weight:30 - 35 pounds
The Porcelaine is a cute and agile hound.  Large drooping ears sit on the side of its round head.  Rounded eyes are set above the breed’s long muzzle which ends in a large black nose perfect for hunting and tracking.  A muscular
Height: 21 – 23 inches | Weight:55 – 62 pounds
(Portuguese Pondengo Pequeno) The Portuguese Hound is a unique looking dog that comes in three different sizes.  Large bat-like ears sit on its flat head.  The dog’s small, light brown eyes sit above their rectangular muzzle whic
Height: 8 – 27 inches | Weight:9 – 66 pounds
(Cao de agua) (Cão de agua Português)The Portuguese Water Dog is a unique looking breed.  With its rounded head leading to a rectangular shaped muzzle, the breed’s has an interesting appearance.  Their sweet expression st
Height: 17 – 22 inches | Weight:35 – 55 pounds
(Prazsky Krysavik) (Prague Ratter)The Prague Ratter is known as the smallest dog in the world.  The breed has a very small round head leading to an equally small muzzle.  In comparison to their head, they have large, dark eyes.  One di
Height: 7 – 9 inches | Weight:2 – 6 pounds
(Pulik) (Hungarian Puli)(Hungarian Water Dog) information, pictures, photos and descriptions. The Puli is a unique breed.  Its round head and short muzzle are covered in long hair.  Their almond shaped black eyes are also covered by lo
Height: 14 – 17 inches | Weight:20 – 35 pounds
(Hungarian Pumi) The Pumi is a unique looking little dog.  An odd shaped muzzle leads back into a round head.  On their small head are slanted dark brown eyes while on the top of their head are small folded over ears.  A thick nec
Height: 13 – 19 inches | Weight:18 – 33 pounds
The Pointer is also known as the English Pointer. This dog is one of the more aristocratic breeds and displays its power and grace in its build and carriage. The Pointer has a body that is athletic and well-muscled, perfectly formed for its reputatio
Height: 22-24 inches | Weight:44-66 pounds
Also known as a Chi-Pom or a Chiranian.
Height: 6-9 inches | Weight:2-10 pounds
Papastzu's are usually white, brown, and black. They tend to have the butterfly ears and the up curled tail of the Papillon. The build and nose is typically from the Shih-Tzu.
| 10-25 pounds
The Paperanian can resemble the Papillon or the Pomeranian. The breed is fine boned and will be less than eleven inches tall. The ears are erect and heavily furred with the Papillons long silky fringe. The tail of the Paperanian will curl over the hi
11 inches | 4-21 pounds
Papi-poos are considered low to no shedding dogs. They have either straight or wavy, medium length coat and their tail curls over their back and plumes like a Papillions tail.
| 3-15 pounds
The Papichon is a mixed breed of the Papillon and the Bichon. Whereas both the parents have their own appeal set. The Papillon has butterfly shaped ears and a big silky fur whereas the Bichon is more like a white wooly bear. Coming back to the Papich
11-12 inches | 3 to 4 pounds
The Papigriffon is a cross between the Papillon and the Brussels Griffon. They are a small and affectionate breed which likes to be around the family members and suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for long intervals. This breed likes to pla
8-11 inches | 6-12 lbs.
12 inches | 8-15 pounds
The Papitese has the coloring of the Papillon with the long hair of the Maltese. Coloring normally changes from puppyhood into adulthood.
8-10 pounds | 6-10 pounds
The Papshund is a cross between the Papillon and the Dachshund. These dogs have inherited the butterfly-like ears of its Papillon parent and the long body of its Dachshund parent. They need plenty of activity and exercise as they have high energy le
Being an energetic dog, the Papshund can adapt to the lifestyle of both living in town or country. They are loving and affectionate toward the family and expect the same in return, in fact, they require more affection than other dogs. The breed becomes a little difficult to train because of Dachshund parents genes which make it aggressive and less tolerant, but its habit of being a family dog and pleasing the family helps overcome this. The Papshund should not be left out in the open alone as they tend to wander off. They make for an excellent guard dog and with proper training and socialization tend to do well with other pets as well. They are, however, wary of strangers unless introduced well. | 6-12 pounds
The Patterbea is a cross breed between the Beagle and the Patterdale Terrier. It is small to medium in size but very high on energy and spirit. Keeping in mind that both its parents are used for hunting, the Patterbea also enjoys going for hunting. T
14-15 inches | 19-23 lbs
The Patton Terrier is a cross of the Patterdale Terrier and the Boston Terrier. They do not grow into big dogs and will have straight, short hair which requires maintenance as they shed a lot during fall and spring. They are an affectionate, happy, a
13-20 inches | 25-30 lbs
The Peagle is a crossbreed of the Beagle and the Pekingese. This is a small, smart, sweet, friendly, adorable, and affectionate dog. They get along well with almost everyone and other pets as well. They can live in apartments as well as a house as lo
10-15 inches | The Peagle grows to be about 14-15 pounds, give or take depending on the parents.
The combination of the Pekingese and the West Highland White Terrier has created this active, well-tempered, smart, and affectionate dog. The Peka-A-West is very obedient and responds well when spoken to and loves to please the owners. They have a
8-10 inches. | 16-24
The Pekalier, a very small cross dog, has parentage from the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Pekingese. They come in a variety of colors depending upon the parent breed. The dog does not require much in terms of exercise and is happy whether s
8-12 inches. | 12-18 lbs.
The Pekarin is a designer cross breed between the Pekingese and Cairn Terrier. These are both small dogs and weigh around 12 pounds and reach a height of around 10 inches. The Pekarin has a short to medium fur coat like that of the Cairn Terrier. The
7-10 inches | 15-20 pounds
The Peke-A-Boo can come with either a long or short coat. The eyes are large and appear soft. The legs are short and stumpy.
| 8-11 pounds
Their appearance is very favorable to the Bichon Frise, but the teeth appear like on the Pekingese. They are very affectionate, lovable and intelligent.
| 8-12 pounds
The Peke-A-Pap has the ears of a Papillion mixed with the face and nose of the Pekingese.
7 pounds | 17 pounds
It is a designer dog which is a cross between the Pekingese and a Miniature Pinscher. One should not go by their size as these small dogs are full of energy. A curious thing about this loyal and affectionate breed is that they are always curious abou
6-10 inches. | 8-10 lbs.
Also known as a Pekepoo, Peke-A-Poo, PeekaPoo, Peek-A-Poo.
Height: 10-15 inches | Weight:10-20 pounds
The Peke-A-Tese is a cross breed of the two ancient and royal breeds, the Pekingese and the Maltese. They love being the center of attention. They can be wary of strangers and must be socialized early. Their life expectancy is between 12-16 years.
8-11 inches. | 8-11 lbs.
Long body and markings like Dachshund, Facial features,tail and hair like Pekingese.
10-12 inches high | 13-25 pounds
The Pineranian is more of a toy dog breed as it is a hybrid of two toy breeds, Pomeranian and the Miniature Pinscher. The Pineranian is the perfect breed for family companionship. They can however be snappy when teased by younger children. If appropr
10-12 inches. | 7-12 lbs.
The Pinny-Poo is a cross between the Poodle and the Miniature Pinscher. This is a very energetic breed which loves to play no matter whether it is their owners, visitors or even other pets. It has however been observed that they can be a good compani
10-18 inches. | 6-10 pounds
The Pom Terrier, a small dog, is a cross between the Toy Fox Terrier and the Pomeranian. These inquisitive dogs will not want to miss a single opportunity to be with their owners they will follow wherever you go. They are a loyal and affectionate bre
10-11 inches | 3-7 lbs
Also known as a Pooranian or a Pom-A-Poo.
Height: 7-12 inches | Weight:5-15 pounds
The Pom-a-Pug comes in several colors including fawn and black with scattered markings.
5-14 pounds |
The Pom-Coton is a cross breed of the Coton De Tulear and the Pomeranian. This is a fairly new breed. This dog inherits all the lovable features of its parents and a small, cute dog looking at which it would be impossible not to love. They do tricks
8-12 inches. | 3-15 lbs.
The Pom-Shi is a cross between the Shiba Inu and the Pomeranian. It is an intelligent and confident breed known to have acquired several skills from its parents. They need to be socialized in the early years such that they may behave well in front of
6-17 inches. | 3-23 lbs.
This is a small but huge personality dog which has been created by crossing the Pomeranian and a Silky Terrier. They are an intelligent, fun loving, and affectionate breed which will stick by your side. If spoilt, they can become possessive and deman
8-10 inches. | 10 pounds
The Pomeagle is a cross between a Beagle and a Pomeranian. They are small in size but very affectionate, intelligent and loving. The mind of the Pomeagle is like that of a small child, they get curious and inquisitive very soon. Training your Pomeagl
7-12 inches. | between 6-25 lbs.
The Pomerat a cross breed between the Rat Terrier and a Pomeranian. These little dogs are extremely lively and affectionate. They do not like being left alone as they like to play with the family members. They are best suited for families with older
9-12 inches | 5-16 lbs
The Pomimo is a cross breed between the Pomeranian and the American Eskimo. Pomimo makes for an excellent pet as they are lively and active. They are very caring and affectionate with children of all ages. They bark and strangers, but once socialized
10-17 inches | 15 pounds
The Peek-A-Pom is a cross between the Pomeranian and the Pekingese. They are known to be a hypoallergenic breed and do not shed a lot, but regular brushing is advised, such as to maintain a healthy coat. They are an easy breed to train when compared
From 4-12 inches tall | 10-15 pounds
brindle medium length coat
18 inches | 7-25 pounds
The Poo-Shi is a mixed breed of the Poodle and the Shiba Inu. They have been given various other names such as are also called Shibadoodle, Shiba-poo, and even Shibapoo. This is a very affectionate and loyal breed, which is also a very good family pe
11-20 inches. | 15-20 lbs
This breed has medium length cotton like hair that is not wiry. Their tail is short and they come in a variety of colors. They can be a mix of all colors in the Poodle and Coton de Tulear families. The Conton Poo closely resembles a purebred Coton
The Poochin is made from the cross between the Poodle and the Japanese Chin. This lovable fur dog is an excellent companion dog having a nature which is happy, quiet, and playful. A lot of physical activity is not needed by this breed, but on the oth
7-15 inches | 3-13 Pounds
The Poochis is a cross between the Poodle and the Chihuahua. This is an intelligent, playful, energetic, affectionate, and loving dog. They are known to be great companions and do well as a family dog for families with elder children. Supervision is
8 to 15 inches. | 8-20 pounds.
The Pooda Houla is a dog which is labeled as a companion dog and loved the company and attention of its owners. It comes from a crossbreed between Poodle and Catahoula Leopard Dog. It is advised not to leave the dog unsupervised out in the open, and
14-15 inches. | 20-45 lbs
The Poogle is a hybrid between the Beagle and the Poodle and both the parent breeds are extremely popular. The Poogle has the loving and steady nature of the Beagle and on the other hand, has the soft coat of the Poodle. The Poogle is an agile dog wh
6-16 inches. | 11-25 lbs.
The Poolky is a designer cross breed between the Poodle and the Silky Terrier. It is also known by the name of Silky-Poo. Most of the time the Poodle parent is small in size such that the Poolky offspring would also be small in size. This breed is ex
9-15 inches. | 8-20 lbs.
Their hair is short and wiry. Most have the ears of the Poodle and the body of the Greyhound. They can come in a variety of colors, such as black, white, grey, brown, red, parti, and even brindle. Their feet are small, with relatively long legs, and
| 9-14 pounds
The Poovanese hair is soft, wavy and needs regular grooming.
10 inches | 16-18 pounds
The Poshies is a cross of a Pomeranian and a Sheltie (Shetland Sheepdog). This is a small-medium sized dog which has the fur like that of its Pomeranian parent. They are known to be loyal, energetic, and independent. The love to be around family memb
7-16 inches | 13-17 pounds
The tail is long and curled and often lies on the back.
10-14 inches | 10-12 pounds
A small, friendly and loyal pet, the Pug-Coton is a cross between the Coton de Tulear and the Pug. They do not shed much, even though they have long hair. An intelligent and easily trainable breed they like to be around family members and do great wi
8-12 inches. | 22 pounds
As with all hybrids, the Pug-Zu carries traits from both the mother breed and father breed. Most Pug-Zus look very Pug like. They are more muscular than their Shih-Tzu kin and will have the markings of the Pug. The markings are either fawn (black e
As tall as a pug male 10 to 12 inches from shoulders. Females tend to be shorter. | 14-25 pounds
The Pugairn often has longer front legs than its bag legs and a curly tail with fringe. The ears often resemble that of the Pug with the protruding hairs of the Cairn. The head is round with the teeth and jaw of the terrier. The nose is black and th
| 23 pounds
The Pugalier is normally larger than a standard sized Pug with a long snout and ears. The coat can vary in color and length and comes in many colors. The coat may also be short and thin or long and curly.
12-15 inches | 12-18 pounds
The Pugese is a cross between two of the most loved dogs in China, the Pug and the Chinese Crested dog. This is a small breed, and hence the size of the house really does not matter. Prone to separation anxiety, they like to stay with their owners.
10-13 inches | 11-15 lbs.
The Puggat is a crossbreed between the Pug the Rat Terrier. This small breed is extremely friendly, energetic, playful, and at times even clownish in nature, but they cannot be trusted with smaller animals due to their prey drive. When compared to ot
11-16 inches. | 15-20 pounds
The Puggit is slightly larger than a Pug with a long body. The snout is black and long but not as pointy as the Italian Greyhound. The tail curls up over the hind quarters but is not curled as tight as that of the Pug. When timid, the tail often s
Up to your wast | 20-45 pounds
The Puggle is a crossbreed between a Pug and a Beagle. In the last few years this breed has become extremely popular, particularly since they were showcased on the CBS Evening News in 2005. Although they are technically mixed breeds, they are often r
Height: 8-15 inches | Weight:10-25 pounds
The Pughasa is usually fawn or black but other colors exist. If the color is fawn it will usually have a black muzzle like the pug. The hair is longer than that of the Pug but shorter than the Lhasa. The average height is approximately 12 to 14 inch
| 25 pounds
This hybrid has a medium coat that comes in several colors. The main colors are black and tan with a black muzzle (more resembling the pug). The body is long like the Pekingese but not as long. They have stout thick bodies with short legs. There nose
| 8-15 pounds
The combination of the Pug and Scottish Terrier, the Pugottie is a small dog breed. They are an excellent family pet with a happy nature but can be difficult to train because of their stubborn nature. Even though they enjoy the company of other pets
13-15 inches. | 20-25 lbs
A Pugshire (also known as a Porkie or a Yuggie) is a mix between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Pug. They closely resemble pugs however, they are slightly smaller and their hair can grow a little longer than a pug's hair but not as long as a Yorkie's. The
12-15 inches | 7-12 pounds
The Pushon is an adorable dog which brings together the best features of the Bichon Frise and the Pug. It is the ideal dog for the house as they adapt to even the apartment style of living with ease. The Pushon loves to be around people and craves at
10-13 inches. | 11-14 lbs.
Pyredoodles are gentle, calm and laid back. They are guardian dogs and will be watchful of their family.
24-34 inches | 80-150 pounds

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