The Valley Bulldog is a happy looking breed. They do not have an exact standard so there are variations. For example, some Valley Bulldogs have a pressed in muzzle while others have a longer muzzle. Their neck, as well as their head, is broad. They h
Height: 12-25 inches | Weight:50-85 pounds
Victorian Bulldogs are similar in appearance to English Bulldogs. The only difference is in size because Victorian Bulldogs are much larger. Their head is round and sports the distinctive short flat bulldog muzzle. The breed’s small ears fold o
Height: 16-19 inches | Weight:55-75 pounds
(Hungarian Short-haired Pointing Dog, Rövidszörü Magyar Vizsla) The alert Vizsla is a smooth-coated, elegant breed. Their russet gold, sleek coat is close to their muscular bodies.  Like the rest of their frame, their long le
Height: 20-26 inches | Weight:40-60 pounds

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