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(Bolognese and Silky Terrier mix) The Bolosilk may have a coat similar to either parent breed or a combination of both. So the coat can be long and silky or short and wavy. This small hybrid is full of energy. The ears are usually floppy, but sometimes they may stand erect.

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The Bolosilk is intelligent, usually friendly and energetic. Sometimes they can be a bit independent so following through with commands will be important. They like to play, but be aware a small child or larger dog may be too rough for this hybrid.

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9-12 inches
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6-11 pounds
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General Health

Some health concerns to be aware of are Patellar Luxation, Urolithiasis, and Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease

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The Bolognese it is believed was developed in Bolgna, Italy. The small white dog (an ancestor of the Bichon) was prized by royalty as a companion pet. The Silky Terrier had their breed standard in 1926. This breed was generated by crossing the Yorkshire Terrier with the Australian Terrier. The Silky is a great hunter of small vermin.

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This will depend on the coat. If the coat takes on the long hair of the Silky, it will require frequent bathing. If it is short and fluffy or wavy it may only need a bath a few times per year. Either way, frequent brushing is always a good idea to prevent tangles.

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Ideal Environment

The Bolosilk will benefit from mental stimulation. They are high energy, but small so they won\'t require lots of exercise. They get enough by playing, short walks and following along with the family. Apartment life is suitable for them.

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