Photo I am thinking of getting one of these dogs, a female puppy. I live in a townhome with a little yard

You've read correctly. Sorry. =( Why not consider a smaller dog, like the Alaskan klee Kai? It's so cute and looks similar to huskies. ^.^

Photo i live in louisiana where it is pretty hot would that be a real bad thing

it says, oviously, that they can not stand heat. if u think about it, thier fur is pretty long -_- ( not 500 miles long, LOL :) ).

Photo If I get a male puppy, will I have to worry about it hurting my wife's two cats?

yes. Huskies aren't very friendly to cats.

Photo I have a 4year old male alaskan husky and we would like to get an Olde English bulldog who is also m

My first thought is that you might want to consider a fixed female instead of a male. The reason I say this is that both dogs would continually try to establish dominance, especially since the husky i

Photo I have read that it is not a good idea to clip or shave huskies because of thier thick coat. I also

i have read that as well.. we have a 1 yr old male husky and we got him groomed where they use some tool that blows the undercoat out, because his undercoat was shedding and coming out in clumps and i

Photo i have heard from another source there is a big problem with running away and destroying things like

Yes they like to escape (just don't give them the chance) and yes they will ruin a garden (usually out of boredom) but there are sprays and all kind of easy methods to use to prevent that. They're wor

Photo Do alaskan huskies look after their young?

All dogs look after their puppies. Its just that some may not like there puppies for some reason.

Photo How do Alaskan Husky make out in warmer climates? Do they adjust to the climate or is it just not a

We Live in Pittsburgh Pa and we have very warm summers here at times My Alaskan husky (Roxy) does well we do have her hair cut down at least 1 time in the summer .When it very warm or humidity is high

Photo My Alaskan Husky is pregnant. Her temp is starting to drop normal being 102.1 yesterday. This mornin

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